Woohoo! My first multiple plate print! This smaller print (using up spare bits of lino) was useful in showing me what does and what doesn’t work with multiple plates. I still have a few things to work out in terms of that process and I need to think it out first before trying again. But this… this was helpful.

On a very positive note, I feel that the 3 shades of grey that I used were well distributed in terms of shade. (But her hair is too dark.)

Lost in London

I based this print on a photo I took several years ago in London. I just loved the curve of the belly of the underpass and I thought I’d try a different inking technique in an attempt to portray the curve. I think that, at least, was quite successful. Other things were not. This was another reduction print and in this instance the limitations of the reduction process were pretty obvious by the time I had printed the second layer (of 6, I think). As a result, I’ve only got one fairly decent AP print. My intention is to do it again – larger – using multiple plates instead of reduction.


Finished this 5-layer reduction print. I’m fairly pleased with it but there are bits that I wish I had done differently. Actually, I think no matter what I do with these linocuts/prints, I’ll always feel I could have done things a little differently or better. I suppose that’s just part of the learning process and I accept that’s how I’m probably always going to feel.

Diver I

One inĀ  a series of 5 prints I have planned. I’m pleased with the way this came out. I printed two versions – one with dark grey over a pale grey background and another in process blue. This was a reduction print but I think in future the other 4 divers I do will be multiple plates.

Weekend plans

I have two plates ready to go tomorrow and I’m planning a third one in my head. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that done and ready for printing along with these two. All three will be reduction prints in several shades of grey.

The print below is based on a photo I took several years ago in London. I loved the curves of the overhead freeway and the path along the river.

I also have some blue ink to try. I’ll be pulling a couple of prints of my anemones/circles in the blue. The new ink is soy oil based, which apparently dries quite slowly. Off to MES for cobalt drier tomorrow. And… maybe… a couple of Pfeil cutting tools!