Silver printing

Tried printing with silver ink today under my two Diver prints. They look great, although the silver is quite subtle. I need to clean up the silver plates because there are registration issues on both. And I’m not sure whether it’s because inks don’t layer over metallic ink very well or whether it’s because the silver ink may not have been 100% dry, but the blue ink is patchy in places. I don’t hate it, but it would be good to know why it’s happening for future reference.

Diver II – Test Print

Second in the series. Things to fix: her face, the size of the board and several of the lines.

I also have the remaining 3 in the series thought out. I just need to start getting them onto paper now. All added to my To Do This Weekend List (also includes finding kaya jam on Victoria Street in Richmond :-/).

Weekend plans

I have two plates ready to go tomorrow and I’m planning a third one in my head. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that done and ready for printing along with these two. All three will be reduction prints in several shades of grey.

The print below is based on a photo I took several years ago in London. I loved the curves of the overhead freeway and the path along the river.

I also have some blue ink to try. I’ll be pulling a couple of prints of my anemones/circles in the blue. The new ink is soy oil based, which apparently dries quite slowly. Off to MES for cobalt drier tomorrow. And… maybe… a couple of Pfeil cutting tools!