Since COVID entered our lives, I’ve felt trepidation about our future in the world. There’s been much fear and negativity, I’ve needed to find my own personal antidote to these negative emotions I’ve been experiencing; I’ve been looking for joy both internally and within my environment. As a result, my paintings have become more figurative, playful and whimsical.

As an avid reader, I have always loved stories – especially those of creation, myths, and legends, whether they be Greek, Roman, Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, or biblical. 

My latest series "Myth Donina" focusses on an imagined land of gods, creatures, and machines that populate a colourful landscape. The creatures appear across several works as protagonists and witnesses, in much the same way multiple characters might be woven through a series of stories or books.

The flat, abstracted landscapes can appear stage-like, with the stiff legged creatures taking on a performative aspect, seemingly caught mid-act with a self-conscious sense of being observed. The result is a series of characters moving towards a pre-determined fate with an air of pantomime

Curriculum vitae


2020 Art2Life (Nicholas Wilton) International Art Exhibition (juried)

2021 Artlovers Australia Prize, finalist

2021 Art to Art Unearthed Prize, finalist

2022 The Other Artfair, Melbourne


Private and corporate collections, Australia, USA, Europe & UK